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ImaginAction Volleyball Tournament April 23

WSC members can earn 1 GI PT AND help Donna Bricco – WSC member and her cause: Imaginaction, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded by Peter, that runs the Pacific Northwest Program. The program is a three week summer school in Milwaukee, followed by a week-long trip to Olympic National Park, WA. The goal is to give urban students, who have had little opportunity to travel, the chance to see some exciting parts of the country. The program runs every other summer.

See the links below to keep up with Imaginaction.

Any questions on how to participate in this tournament, please contact Donna Bricco at

BobSarsfield -FutsalTournament_2014

Kim Senn Family Futsal Tournament 2014

The purpose of this event is not only to play futsal but to fundraiser for Kim Senn, a WSC member who recently suffered from a severe stroke. She underwent brain surgeries to improve her health and is slowly progressing.  We will be giving all of the profit to Kim’s family as well as from a  50/50 raffle. We wish her and her family best wishes in their road to recovery!

Kim played on Legs – O40 Div I and O30 Div I Blast.  She is an awesome selfless individual. 
Click here to find out who she isand more. She & her family need our help. Contact Kayla for Futsol details or if you want to help!